Jan. 27th, 2007

Does the teacher of the living thing of my ocean why whoever from being in me, send E-mail to other things more? As for me why whoever being, does communicating to other things very between difficulty, have communication so necessity easily in him? And there is something which you are wrong concerning this world which is deep, obstructs very very. “The best fish!” Above this, I do not shout! And I abandoned correct English completely. English must die!

Now, I say something which that causes in the past me.

I stand in those stairways. Rest from transport of my baggage. The woman floats, thinks of that perhaps I am foolish. However, I continue. I as been wrong, walk with under.

My portable telephone died. Whether or not I him find me, you thought in doubt. As for me the person who has come road that being thought someone looking at the thing which is the other person. As for me I can use that portable telephone although, whether I me had searched him from beginning, when who you find, you intended to ask whether or not. Directly, I who take my everything to go away directly, the monk of the sickness.

It closes, it thinks the fact that you inquire about the urgent song which desires the ocean concerning Jupiter. God has lived in Jupiter. It cannot look at that eye?

Word “good morning”, whether or not it possesses the feeling which is moved by permanently with the night and rolling Hills the boy of the bridge it stands in thinking in doubt. Rolling Hills who becomes the stamp of brain. Someone makes those cross? As for me?

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