2009, cheap hotel room, Ikebukuro

2009, cheap hotel room, Ikebukuro

The One Good Thing

Your hair on the floor
Face jagged, lines, teeth
Pools forming on the floor
This, I wonder if you’re the same

In which corner of the world
Could you possibly
Maybe, could you be

Do you cry for the lack of impact
Is it the memory of those feverish
Those days of death smells
of crowds, weapons, dirt kicked up
Somehow you remember my smile

Is it beautiful, then
Only because I smiled once
And so did you.

To give attention silently

Did you only have to learn the alphabet
When did you learn the meaning of altruism

I said that the question mark is gone

People these days
Look at profiles too much, saying nothing
Everyone’s busy
Sometimes I say I’m busy when I’m not
We can believe we’re busy

I would like to be rigid
To follow form
All my lovers do
(I have none)

Mouth Rotting Day

There are days when my mouth rots
I am ignored by my teeth
I brush and rinse
The marble sink stained
unbelievably blue

There is a point in time
We all give up
I felt the same last year
Holding a clock
Arms full of goosebumps
No one home

There are days when my neck aches
I hide on my bed
Heavy books stacked on the left
as high as a person
Come be with me
The books fall
and I am covered.

To You (another poem with this title)

I don’t want to see the dark
Until I’ve found words for you
Maybe it’s something
That I’ve thought for years
and I still have no words

The desk is here again
I am with the desk


Rule one: Always post the rules.
Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write eleven new ones.
Rule three: Tag eleven people and link them to the post.
Rule four: Actually tell them you tagged them.

I was tagged by trahisonprisonetguillotine thank you so much! Sorry this is late. I’ve had a busy week.

1. Favorite cartoon?

Hm, it depends on whether it’s a TV show or a film. For a film, my favorite is either Howl’s Moving Castle or Castle in the Sky. As for shows, I’ve never watched many cartoon TV shows. I do like that Adventure Time show. It’s so cute! But I haven’t watched it much.

2. Do you have some hobbies?

Of course! I enjoy writing and drawing but I need more practice with drawing. I also like to make collages and sometimes crafts. I like using the cheap 75 cent wooden decorative blocks that you can find in craft stores. They’re so cheap so it’s easy to experiment with them.

I guess studying counts as another hobby. I study history, philosophy, languages (currently French and Japanese but I’ve also studied Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Sanskrit, and Middle Egyptian in the past)

I think studying French and Japanese is a bit more than a hobby, though, because I want to achieve fluency in those two. Also, it’s because speaking Japanese was a part of my everyday life for a while. Languages where my goal isn’t fluency and that I feel more disconnected from feel more hobby-ish.

Lately, I’ve been trying to do more cooking but I don’t always have time for it. If I have the right ingredients, I’ve tried making historical recipes but I end up making a lot of simple Friday-type meals because I only cook pescetarian food. I can’t eat like Louis XIV…nor like Louis XVI.

3. Winter or summer ?

Winter. I prefer the cold, the holidays are nice, the food and spices, and most of my good memories are winter memories. It’s funny how a lot of people feel so down in winter because it’s a season that gives me hope. The only exception would be the winter of 2012/2013.

4. Favorite animal ?

Cats! Also, bats. I wouldn’t want to be near a bat but they’re really fascinating. Oh, and seahorses! I love seahorses! The males get pregnant and shoot tons of mini seahorses out of their bellies when the time comes. It’s adorable.

5. If you could live in any era in history, which would you chose to ?

This is tough. My favorite era to study is the French Revolution but I’d only want to go if I had an “escape to 2014” emergency button. Come to think of it, I’d want an escape button for most periods.

There’s a lot of the 18th century that I’d like to see, hm. Beyond that, the 1870s, the 1960s (the latest period that I’m really interested in…but, going there, I’d eventually have to go through the 90s again…which wouldn’t be bad to live through again but I’d be older).

I really want modern healthcare…but going back would at least get rid of the whole texting thing. I hate texting. I want to socialize…without texting.

6. Straight or curly hair ?

I prefer curly hair on everyone. Curly hair is the most attractive. Curls, curls, curls, cccccurls.

Straight hair is totally attractive too…there’s just something about curls (and all kinds of curls) that’s extra attractive.

Still, I do straighten my hair sometimes only because it’s easier than curling if I feel like “doing something” with my hair. Otherwise, I just have wavy hair.

7. Light color eyes or dark ?

Either are nice. But mine are medium…medium brown….

8. Which country you think has the most interesting history ?

France is personally my favorite and it’s what I’ve studied the most.

I mean, there are a lot of countries whose history I’ve studied (Vietnam, Japan, USA, etc) and objectively they’re equally interesting (But I’d say Vietnam has the most interesting history that people in general don’t know enough about)

but I’ve become so attached to certain characters of French history! And I suppose, because I’m so interested in 18th century European history, France is such a culturally important area of that time and region…so, the interest makes sense.

It definitely depends on the time period, though. France isn’t my favorite for all time periods ever.

(Also, just using current country names to refer to…history of those regions in general.)

9. Favorite holiday ?

Halloween. I love spooky stuff, I love costumes, I love movie marathons.  Every single year as a child, I hoped that I’d end up going on a magical Halloween adventure and I STILL set aside a little hope for it. Just a tiny bit.

10. You think you can survive in the nature or lonely island ?

I used to read a lot about survival but I’ve only remembered the main points while forgetting the details. I don’t have actual survival experience either. I know more than a person who’s never looked into it and I think I’m good at improvising with things, building things out of things, and I’m focused on perseverance….but I really lack physical strength and, like I said, experience. So, who knows. I don’t think it’s impossible that I could survive but I can’t confidently say that I would.

Because this is on my writing blog, I’m going to make my 11 questions writing-related:

1. What kind of writer are you?
2. Which do you prefer and why: first-person, second-person, third-person, alternating person?
3. Your favorite literary movement?
4. How do you feel about writing sonnets?
5. Who is the first fictional character that you remember feeling drawn toward?
6. What inspired you to start writing?
7. How much planning do you do for your work? (and give details about your process)
8. What was your biggest failure as a writer?
9. What was your greatest success?
10. Which aspect of writing do you struggle with the most?
11. How do you make sure that you finish your work? (like, do you reward yourself? Do you set aside times for writing? Do you make someone punch you when you don’t finish things?)

I’m tagging everyone who comes upon this post! So, if you’re reading this, you’re tagged.

For although in our world we have nearly a thousand senses, we still have an indescribable, vague yearning, and inexpressible restlessness, which warns us incessantly that we are of small account, and that there exist beings far more perfect. I have traveled a little, and I have seen mortals much below our level; I have also seen others far superior: but I have not seen any who have not more appetites than real needs, and more needs than contentment. One day, maybe, I shall reach the country where nobody lacks anything, but up to now no one has given me definite news of that country.
Micromégas, a man from a planet around Sirius - from Micromégas by Voltaire
to decide

The world looks disgusting these days

If I become rich, I’ll replace all with wood
My wooden shampoo bottle, wooden TV
Oh, why not gold

because all the rich touch becomes gold anyway
I simply like wood

All meow

People are more romantic when we don’t have time for them
I want to…all the bitches
I want to make you angry so that I may exist
To be juvenile, too bad
What does it say about me if I’m only happy
drinking tea
What if I could drink tea with bitches
If they’d be here and we’d stop for a moment
Just a moment, Mr, a little moment.

Driving too fast because I don’t care anymore

While there are real things in the world,
Meanwhile I am here with my usual aching knee,
Parties weren’t fun,
I couldn’t be who I wanted to be,
Read these words as if I weren’t here,
They might feel more meaningful to you then,
because there are a lot of people who aren’t loved
While here and not there.